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Bonds Information

        Do You Need A Bond?

Owning a business means taking many risks. At CL Butcher Insurance Agency, we offer a variety of bond and license services to make sure that your business is safe and protected. While there are various types of Bonds to choose from, they can be issued for a  wide range of situations, and choosing the right bond to suit your needs can be a hard decision. 

What is a Bond?

A written promise of security that guarantees a payment or a reimbursement for financial losses resulting from dishonesty, failure to perform and other acts.

Types of Bonds 

  •     Construction Bonds – Bid, Performance & Payment Bonds and Supply Bonds
  •     Commercial Bonds
    • License and Permit Bonds—Contractor License; Highway and Street Permit; Agent/Adjuster/Broker License; Fuel Dealer; Professional License; Automobile Dealer; and Alcoholic Beverage Compliance Bonds
    • Probate Bonds—Administrator; Executor; Guardian; and Trustee Bonds
    • Receiver or Trustee Bond in Bankruptcy
    • Public Official—Notary Public; Sheriff; Deputy Sheriff; Constable; Jailer; County/City/School Treasurer Bonds; Court Clerk; Loan Closing Attorney; and FHA Schedule Bonds
    • Court Bonds—Plaintiff Replevin; Plaintiff Attachment; and Cost Bonds
  •     Miscellaneous Bonds
    • Fidelity BondsERISA (Pension Plans), Business Services Bonds (Janitorial)
    • Financial Institution Bonds and D&O Coverage – Commercial Banks and Savings Institutions, etc.

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